They say HOME is where the HEART is for a reason!

Capturing families at home is an exciting and new experience every time.

To be invited into such a private space that defines a family is truly special, and to watch a family interact and PLAY and LOVE definitely makes my job a lot of fun.

Capturing a baby at home in their first environment is also a very sentimental experience for both the family and the photographer. There are so many new memories to be had, so many firsts being encountered, and sometimes the sheer importance of these memories won’t be realised for many years to come… Until a photograph is pulled up – and the smile cannot hide as we remember.



it’s in the details

Sometimes the smallest things in our lives have the biggest impact on our HEART.


One of the things that truly sets Vinegar Lane apart is in the details.

From the newly  washed ‘0000’ singlets flying on the line, to the ten little toes you fell in love with, or the big baby smiles you look for everyday – Vinegar Lane is in the details of those special moments you will cherish forever.





Vinegar Lane is: Amber Botterill

Melbourne Born and Based I started my photography journey when I was 12 years old – my parents bought a film SLR Camera to take overseas and that was the beginning of the end! That became MY Camera – my first camera and it was love at first sight. Over the past 20 years I have worked in dark rooms,  played with the magic of slide photography, and now find my self at home in the digital world we live!

Having now worked in the digital photography industry for almost 10 years, and in particular the portrait industry – I have a great knowledge and understanding not only of photography, but also the production of photographic artwork and the retouching involved – and while it is clear technology is ever evolving, there will always be a need and a strong desire for the permanence that photography encapsulates.

Photographs evoke memories, tell stories and capture the essence of a fleeting moment, and my style of photography is based on this natural yet unique approach. I love colour, quirkiness, and personality – and through your personality I am able to bring to life my work – and your story.

My images are vibrant, fun, quirky, beautiful and unique – and I love to capture just about anything